Havells Share Price History Target 1995 to 2024

Havells Share Price History Target 1995 to 2024.In this blog I cover Havells Share Price History from 1995 to 2024 what is the price and what is the return of Havells share and what growth acchive by Havells stocks.

The main Highlight of the The Havells share price history in the year 1995 was ₹0.27 and now the current price in February 2024 is ₹1416 can you imagine what return it give. In simple language, I explained its power if you invested ₹10000 in Havells Share in 1995 then your money became approximate ₹5.24 Crore by the end of the year 2024.

Havells India limited is an Indian multinational electrical equipment based company in Noida. Havells company was founded by Haveli Ram Gandhi.

In the Last section of this blog we cover,The Targeted price of Havells Share price History or you can say price prediction of Havells Share price. In 2024 the Havells share price is ₹1415 and the end of the 2024. We assume it touches ₹1465 and the Havells share price History in 2025 is start with approx ₹1470, to end of the 2025 the price of the Havell ltd share price is ₹1500.

Technical Analysis of Havells Share Price History.

Previous Close₹1414.85
UC Limit₹1556.30
LC Limit₹1273.40
Mkt Cap (₹ Cr.)₹89,738
20D Avg Volume0
20D Avg Delivery
TTM EPS Trend₹18.86
(+10.83% YoY)
TTM PE Trend₹75.93
(High PE)
P/B Trend₹13.55
(High P/B)
Sector PE₹83.55
Book Value Per Share₹105.69
Face Value₹1.00
Dividend Yield0.52
Technical Analysis of Havells Share Price History.

Technical Analysis of Havells Share Price History.

  • Open price of Havells share price : Havells ltd share price began the day with an opening value of ₹1423.85 per share, showing promise right from the start.
  • Privious closing price of Havells share history: The previous day’s closing price was ₹1414.85, indicating a stable performance.
  • Upper circuit Limit and Lower circuit Limit of Havells Ltd Share price history: With an upper circuit limit of Havells ltd share price is ₹1556.30 and a lower circuit limit Havells ltd share price is ₹1273.40, there are boundaries set for price fluctuations.
  • Trading Activity: A total of 1,507,612 shares exchanged hands during the trading session, showcasing active participation from investors.
  • Average Price: The Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) stood at ₹1425.56, reflecting the average price at which trades occurred.
  • Market Capitalization: Havells boasted a market capitalization of ₹89,738 crore, highlighting its significant presence in the market.
  • Trend Insights of Havells share price : The Trends section provides valuable insights, such as the upward trend in TTM EPS (Earnings Per Share) at ₹18.86, indicating a positive growth trajectory.
  • Financial Ratios of Havells share price : Key financial ratios like TTM PE (Price to Earnings), P/B (Price to Book), and Sector PE offer valuable insights into valuation and performance metrics.
  • Fundamentals: Book Value per Share, Face Value, and Dividend Yield provide essential information about the company’s financial health and shareholder benefits.

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Havells Share Price History Target 1995 to 2024

YearHavells (₹)YOY Chg%↑ High↓ Low
Havells Share Price History Target 1995 to 2024

Summary of Havells Share Price History Target 1995 to 2024

  • Havells Share Price History in 1995: Havells started off with a humble value of ₹0.27 per share.
  • Havells Share Price History in 1999: Suddenly, there was a surge with a whopping 391.3% increase, reaching ₹1.13 per share.
  • Havells Share Price History in 2000: Havells ltd share price saw steady growth, hitting ₹1.92 per share in 2000.
  • Havells Share Price History in 2007: Havells Share prices skyrocketed to ₹69.20, marking an impressive 87.2% increase.
  • Havells Share Price History in 2008 : Despite reaching a high of ₹71.17, prices plunged dramatically to ₹12.11.
  • Havells Share Price History in 2009 : By 2009, Havells share price bounced back vigorously, climbing to ₹51.09 per share.
  • Havells Share Price History in 2011: Havells ltd Share prices history dipped slightly by -3.2%, but Havells remained resilient.
  • Havells Share Price History in 2014: Havells breached the ₹200 mark, reaching ₹272.54 per share.
  • Havells Share Price History in 2020: Havells Share prices surged to ₹915.80, showing a 41.5% increase.
  • Havells Share Price History in 2021: Havells share price history exceeded ₹1000, hitting ₹1397.20 per share, a remarkable 52.5% rise.
  • Havells Share Price History in 2023: Despite market fluctuations, Havells share price stood strong at ₹1367.95 per share.
  • Havells Share Price History in 2024: Continuing its upward trajectory, Havells share price reached ₹1414.85 per share, indicating a 3.4% increase.


Havells Share Price Target 2025 to next 5years.

YearInitial Target (₹)Mid-Year Target (₹)Year-End Target (₹)

Summary of Havells Share Price Target 2025 to next 5years.

  • Havells Share Price Target 2024: Havells India Ltd Share price is poised for growth this year, with an initial target of ₹1356.4. However, the market might see some ups and downs, with the stock peaking at ₹1357.88 mid-year.
  • Havells Share Price Target 2025: Expect a bullish trend for Havells India Ltd, with the stock reaching a mid-year target of ₹1613.06 and maintaining a steady climb to ₹1613.08 by year-end.
  • Havells Share Price Target 2026: There could be a temporary dip in the early months, but Havells India Ltd is expected to recover by mid-year, aiming for ₹1702.38.
  • Havells Share Price History 2027: Anticipate mixed trends with rapid movements both up and down. Despite fluctuations, Havells India Ltd aims to maintain an overall upward trajectory towards ₹1822.22.
  • Havells Share Price Target 2028 and 2029: These years are predicted to show strong and steady growth for Havells India Ltd, potentially surpassing previous highs and setting new records.
  • Havells Share Price Target or Projection 2030: By 2030, the cumulative impact of market dynamics could lead to substantial growth for Havells India Ltd, surpassing previous expectations and reaching new heights.

havells share price target 2025?

The Target price of Havells Ltd Share Price is approximate ₹1465 to ₹1520

Havella share price target tomarrow

the target price of Havells share price target tomarrow is approx ₹1420.


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