Sindhu Trade Links Ltd Share Price Target 2025

sindhu trade links ltd share price target 2025,2026 upto 2030

Hello Today we Know about Sindhu Trade Links Ltd Share Price 2024,2023,2022,2021 and history of the prices .

Here this table shows the Sindhu Trade Links Ltd Share Technical Analysis which shows the opening Rate of market ₹36.90 and priviously closing price of Sindhu Trade Links Ltds share. And it touches the upper circuit Limit of ₹43.70. And the market cap of the Sindhu trade link Ltd share is about ₹6399 crore. And the book value per share of the Sindhu trade link Ltd is about ₹7.5.

Previous Close36.45
Upper Circuit Limit43.70
Lower Circuit Limit29.20
Market Cap (Rs. Cr.)6,399
20D Avg Volume7,725,926
20D Avg Delivery2,947,382
TTM EPS Trend0.66 (+3,033.33% YoY)
TTM PE Trend62.88 (Average PE)
P/B Trend5.48 (High P/B)
Sector PE31.33
Book Value Per Share7.58
Face Value1
Dividend Yield
Technical analysis of Sindhu Trade Link Ltd Share Price
Sindhu Trade Links Ltd Share Price Target 2025
Sindhu Trade Links Ltd Share Price Target 2025
  • Market Performance: The stock of Sindhu Trade Links Ltds opened at ₹36.90, with a previous close of ₹36.45.
  • Price Limits: The upper circuit limit is ₹43.70, while the lower circuit limit is ₹29.20 of the Sindhu Trade Links Ltd stocks.
  • Trading Activity: A total volume of 32,127,824 shares was traded during the session, with a Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) of ₹39.65.
  • Market Capitalization: The company’s market capitalization is ₹6,399 crore.
  • Trading Trends: The 20-day average trading volume is 7,725,926 shares, with an average delivery of 2,947,382 shares.
  • Volatility Measure: The stock has a beta of 1.27, indicating it is moderately more volatile than the overall market.
  • Earnings and Valuation Trends: Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) EPS trend is 0.66, with a significant year-over-year increase of 3,033.33%. TTM PE trend stands at 62.88, indicating a high Price to Earnings ratio compared to the average.
  • Book Value and Valuation Ratios: The book value per share is ₹7.58, with a face value of ₹1. The Price to Book (P/B) trend is 5.48, indicating a relatively high valuation compared to book value.
  • Sector Comparison: The sector Price to Earnings (PE) ratio is 31.33, providing context for the stock’s valuation within its industry.
  • Dividend and Cash Flow: There is no dividend yield provided, and the Price to Cash flow (P/C) ratio is 48.26, indicating the price relative to cash flow per share.
Sindhu Trade Links ltd price

here we talk about Sindhu trade links Ltd share price target 2024 march month. In first March 2025 the Sindhu trade link Ltd share price is 36.740@ regular and the list possible price 31.229 and the best possible price 42.25 at the last month regular price is ₹30.84

Calendar dateRegularLeast possible priceBest possible price
2024 March 01, Friday36.74031.22942.251
2024 March 02, Saturday32.81427.891937.7361
2024 March 03, Sunday35.33830.037340.6387
2024 March 04, Monday37.06231.502742.6213
2024 March 05, Tuesday38.81232.990244.6338
2024 March 06, Wednesday39.88733.9039545.87005
2024 March 07, Thursday38.49132.7173544.26465
2024 March 08, Friday40.39434.334946.4531
2024 March 09, Saturday38.83933.0131544.66485
2024 March 10, Sunday35.99930.5991541.39885
2024 March 11, Monday35.77430.407941.1401
2024 March 12, Tuesday37.47631.854643.0974
2024 March 13, Wednesday38.53232.752244.3118
2024 March 14, Thursday33.83428.758938.9091
2024 March 15, Friday34.24729.1099539.38405
2024 March 16, Saturday35.66130.3118541.01015
2024 March 17, Sunday32.92027.98237.858
2024 March 18, Monday32.59627.706637.4854
2024 March 19, Tuesday33.23228.247238.2168
2024 March 20, Wednesday34.11428.996939.2311
2024 March 21, Thursday30.32125.7728534.86915
2024 March 22, Friday30.33425.783934.8841
2024 March 23, Saturday30.840
Sindhu Trade Links Ltd share price target 2024 of month of March

PeriodMar 2023Mar 2022Mar 2021Mar 2020
Total Revenue1,176.691,016.82893.16851.42
Selling/General/Admin Expenses271.69266.23211.3364.26
Other Operating Expenses Total15.7712.83-1.51-1.46
Total Operating Expense1,155.64973.69874.01730.52
Operating Income21.0543.1319.15120.90
PeriodMar 2023Mar 2022Mar 2021Mar 2020
Net Income Before Taxes16.69-63.98-67.0478.53
Net Income0.40-19.65-25.2556.55
Diluted Normalized EPS-0.06-0.42-0.46

As we See in the above Table of Sindhu Trade Links Ltds Share Price History in 2020,2021,2022,2023. Total revenue about 1176 in month of March 2023 and about 1016.82 in month of March 2022. And 893 in the month of March 2021.And about 851.42 in the month of March 2020.


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Sindhu Trade Links Ltd Share Price Target 2025

This is technical this no can say what is the price of Sindhu Trade Links Ltd share price but predict it goes ₹50 to ₹100 apporx.

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